When you look at the Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Demonstration Variation), Kokichi are first-seen when you look at the sites place chasing after and you can bothering K1-B0

Approach Fates

The guy innocently requires K1-B0 becoming his pal, relatively clueless you to his measures improve Biggest Robot be shameful. Then, the guy brings up himself so you can Kaede and you may Makoto Naegi, saying that he is the best choice out of a secret evil providers with over 10,100 people. not, he says that it could be a rest when he claims that he is an excellent liar. Throughout the conversation, he states what you should offend K1-B0, such inquiring whether or not he’s got a penis or not.


Kokichi are an earlier kid with a simple lookup and you will a good instead delicate face. He’s got a preliminary stature, a finer create, and very soft epidermis. He’s got reddish vision and you may moderately a lot of time, wavy blackish red-colored tresses, on the info colored a better purple. From the certified art guide, it is stated which he will not frequently love his hair therefore the hairstyle comes from him to tackle involved-yet not, the guy really does both make use of the shadows their bangs setting and come up with himself lookup worst. [5]

He wears a white match with multiple bands wrapped to their fingers, and two bands hanging loosely around his feet. Frequently, his pants are created to appear to be an article of punk trends which have slavery pelts, but they are really just bogus straps sewed so you can heavier part of one’s legs. Their shirt is actually torn during the hem and neckband area from it is completely moved, and you will large areas of this new consistent was repaired that have steel video. He’s got multi-coloured keys running down the midst of their top, with some always hidden significantly less than his garment, and he keeps military badges into their proper. Their scarf possess monochrome rooms alternating similar to an excellent chessboard. He and wears several-coloured black colored and you will red sneak apartments, and as seen in the smoothness structure gallery, he generally seems to don a white gear.

In his promotion artwork, he or she is found which have a dark moving cloak and a fabric peaked hat with a gold badge towards the top of it, providing your a very malicious browse.

In the prologue, the guy wears this new consistent regarding their brand spanking new senior high school. He’s got the latest classical tsume-eri consistent towards properly. Their myself customized consistent features beauty out of that of an excellent school annex senior high school. As with their almost every other outfits, the bottom of their shorts was short. [6]

Because a big examine so you’re able to their almost every other clothing, Kokichi’s “trendy” underwear provides far brighter and you may bright tone which have purple and you may yellow band. Apparently, the guy wishes to hide his lively center and you can correct trend sense in the a place nobody can come across. [5]

In the Japanese variation, Kokichi’s voice might be somewhat childish installing their appearance, it occasionally turns further and you will adult, always as he is both furious, foreboding or flirty. He similarly occasionally uses higher sound throughout the English type, but it’s reduced notable as their typical sound isn’t as childish since totally new.


Kokichi refers to himself as the an evil best commander, and regularly claims that this identity is why at the rear of of several away from his suspicious measures as if he’s likely to see their part. He’s an evasive and you may manipulative individual that unabashedly informs lies and you can says almost any he’s thinking the perfect match indir. He is along with surprisingly quick in the their supposed evil nature, openly claiming to get a chief of a massive wonders area, admitting so you can being an excellent liar, and you will saying they have over just crappy something. Among other things, their organization purportedly provides covert agents in almost any nation, command over all mafias global, torture as the a type of punishment, and you may Kokichi’s outdone competitors frequently gets delivered to Siberia. not, nothing off his states was indeed affirmed, in addition to other students believe he is both lying otherwise delusional.

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